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Medicine is in the process of breaking down: question marks are being replaced by exclamation marks and logical medical thinking is disappearing.

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, IPC, May 19th, 2021

Medical students learn this the hard way: you can’t make a claim until you can properly explain it. As long as there is no clear conclusion arising from a situation and a few possibilities remain, your diagnosis must retain a question mark and other possible explanations must still be explored. This scientific-medical approach leads to a differential diagnosis, which lists all possible causes that could lead to a condition – causes that cannot be dismissed until the situation becomes clearer.

These days, we are witnessing a certain type of "medical fascism." It appears to be influencing doctors' judgments with regards to a new complaint or pathology that has arisen following the recent administration of a COVID-19 vaccine. Surprisingly, the possibility that the experimental mRNA material may have caused an adverse event, is being excluded from the formal differential diagnosis. Question marks are forcibly replaced by exclamation marks and the medical staff is instructed to do all they can to try and find any other explanation that may "rescue" the vaccine from being "guilty" of the problem.

Cynicism aside, what we are faced with is nothing less than medicine in the process of breaking down. Fear has replaced medical judgment and turned doctors into robots, or should I say soldiers, who are no longer expected to think, question, offer various explanations or maintain true scientific discussions.

We must remember that doctors, above all, are civil servants. They are supposed to be in the service of people. They go through rigorous training that qualifies them to undertake sacred work where they encounter life and death. They are trained to be careful, to rely on solid and reliable data, and above all, to hold a state of mind free from external interests. A doctor’s logical medical thinking is structured to make sure they stay on course, being of good service to their patients, without the influence of any external forces that may try to bias their judgment.

Here in Israel, and in many other parts of the world, something has gone wrong and it’s destroying the backbone of medicine. Patients are left feeling helpless and stressed, especially those injured by the vaccine. Currently, for the approximately 20% of vaccinated people who were adversely affected, medicine has adopted a policy that any new medical condition that arises following the vaccine is not related to it, unless there is solid and irrefutable proof, which currently is not really possible to obtain. A worthy and healthy question mark is artificially replaced by an exclamation mark and a patient who even raises a question around the reasonable possibility of vaccine injury will face flat-out denial, neglect, and even ridicule.  

Furthermore, once this harmful approach has become the norm, it’s immediately followed by a loss of compassion towards the patient. The minute a doctor adopts this cognitive dissonance, that pulls them away from their free mind and clear thinking that enabled them to investigate all options equally, possible creative, empathic, and compassionate approaches and medical rapport are lost.

There can be no doubt that medicine is in the process of breaking down. This is probably the result of the ongoing and ever more influential takeover of conventional medicine by the pharmaceutical industries. The resulting political and financial interventions are causing doctors' judgments to be impaired.

This domino effect and its devastating consequences may lead in time to a tremendous crash, and ironically to the emergence of a new and cleaner medicine dominated first and foremost by values of humanity, integrity, compassion, and true commitment to the needs of the people only.  


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