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Overprotecting the vaccine at all costs:
A dramatic increase in heart problems in young people following the massive Pfizer vaccination campaign is automatically attributed to "Corona complication" and not to the vaccine

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, IPC, May 17th 2021

 A report on an online news website on May 14th indicated a dramatic increase in heart problems in young people including heart failure and a need for a heart transplant in a 20-year-old male.

The cardiologist who is interviewed in the report (Professor Kobi George), is quoted saying: "I think that risk of developing myocarditis due to the Corona Virus is theoretically higher than the risk that the vaccination will be the cause"

Interestingly, this sentence does not make much sense ("I think…theoretically…") and, of course, has no scientific validation. He mentioned this after stating that there are some ongoing studies indicating that in some cases myocarditis is caused by an immune response that resembles the immune response in some corona patients.

A month ago, a short time after IPC published its adverse events report that included various systemic injuries following the vaccination, the ministry of health in Israel rushed to report 62 cases of myocarditis as adverse events from the vaccine, with a particularly high incidence in young adults, including some resulting deaths.

This information and the idea that this worrying phenomenon may be caused by the vaccine itself wasn’t mentioned in this report, not even as a theoretical option.

IPC has been receiving continuous new reports of new heart problems, myocarditis or myocardial infarction in vaccinated formerly healthy adults mainly between the ages of 30-50, (fewer in the age group 15-29) some of them resulting in death. There have also been some reports of younger. None of these are reported by the media or the government. We also get reports that in clinics and hospitals many adverse events are not reported at all or are rigidly regarded as "not related" to the vaccine.

Together with the worldwide tremendous pressure to get people vaccinated as soon and as much as possible, despite the accumulating reports of adverse events including more than 4000 deaths reported only in the US VAERS system, it seems like we are witnessing another public and semi-scientific effort to "protect" the vaccine from the possibility of causing significant heart problems that may deteriorate to severe conditions and even death.

To make matters worse, such reports may deliver a message that all people should get vaccinated, including children, without question or scientific proof. The ministry of health itself reported that many heart problems resulted from the vaccine itself and disregarding such a report only further puts people, including children, at extreme risk, while misleading them and putting an immense fear in their hearts from "possible corona complications" while maintaining only one way out of it through vaccination.

By the way, this may not be the first time that Pfizer`s experimental products' severe adverse events may be claimed to have been "caused by the disease" and not by the product itself.

We are left with a big question for the whole world to cope with:

What is the motive for such intensive and overwhelming attempts to "over-protect" this vaccine while ignoring so many serious possible dangerous consequences? Who has much to gain by deviating from transparent and objective science into a state in which a continuous effort is made to "launder" just one experimental intervention, despite all of its possible complications?

Medicine is in the process of breaking down: question marks are being replaced by exclamation marks and logical medical thinking is disappearing.

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, IPC, May 19th, 2021

Medical students learn this the hard way: you can’t make a claim until you can properly explain it. As long as there is no clear conclusion arising from a situation and a few possibilities remain, your diagnosis must retain a question mark and other possible explanations must still be explored. This scientific-medical approach leads to a differential diagnosis, which lists all possible causes that could lead to a condition – causes that cannot be dismissed until the situation becomes clearer.

These days, we are witnessing a certain type of "medical fascism." It appears to be influencing doctors' judgments with regards to a new complaint or pathology that has arisen following the recent administration of a COVID-19 vaccine. Surprisingly, the possibility that the experimental mRNA material may have caused an adverse event, is being excluded from the formal differential diagnosis. Question marks are forcibly replaced by exclamation marks and the medical staff is instructed to do all they can to try and find any other explanation that may "rescue" the vaccine from being "guilty" of the problem.

Cynicism aside, what we are faced with is nothing less than medicine in the process of breaking down. Fear has replaced medical judgment and turned doctors into robots, or should I say soldiers, who are no longer expected to think, question, offer various explanations or maintain true scientific discussions.

We must remember that doctors, above all, are civil servants. They are supposed to be in the service of people. They go through rigorous training that qualifies them to undertake sacred work where they encounter life and death. They are trained to be careful, to rely on solid and reliable data, and above all, to hold a state of mind free from external interests. A doctor’s logical medical thinking is structured to make sure they stay on course, being of good service to their patients, without the influence of any external forces that may try to bias their judgment.

Here in Israel, and in many other parts of the world, something has gone wrong and it’s destroying the backbone of medicine. Patients are left feeling helpless and stressed, especially those injured by the vaccine. Currently, for the approximately 20% of vaccinated people who were adversely affected, medicine has adopted a policy that any new medical condition that arises following the vaccine is not related to it, unless there is solid and irrefutable proof, which currently is not really possible to obtain. A worthy and healthy question mark is artificially replaced by an exclamation mark and a patient who even raises a question around the reasonable possibility of vaccine injury will face flat-out denial, neglect, and even ridicule.  

Furthermore, once this harmful approach has become the norm, it’s immediately followed by a loss of compassion towards the patient. The minute a doctor adopts this cognitive dissonance, that pulls them away from their free mind and clear thinking that enabled them to investigate all options equally, possible creative, empathic, and compassionate approaches and medical rapport are lost.

There can be no doubt that medicine is in the process of breaking down. This is probably the result of the ongoing and ever more influential takeover of conventional medicine by the pharmaceutical industries. The resulting political and financial interventions are causing doctors' judgments to be impaired.

This domino effect and its devastating consequences may lead in time to a tremendous crash, and ironically to the emergence of a new and cleaner medicine dominated first and foremost by values of humanity, integrity, compassion, and true commitment to the needs of the people only.  


Israel is hiding information regarding mass numbers of vaccine-injured patients. Are we dealing with crimes against humanity?

Dr. Pinkie Feinstein, IPC, May 21st 2021

"A mother of a friend was treated in ER due to massive pneumonia. The family asked the doctor whether it could be related to the vaccine. He mumbled an unclear answer. So they asked a nurse and she replied: ’Sure, we have a whole ward filled with post vaccine pneumonia…’"

IPC is an independent group of doctors, lawyers, and academics, who are undertaking an investigation to uncover the truth about Israel’s vaccination campaign. We have published a very detailed report about adverse events, which people reported to us. In fact, we are currently the only transparent system carrying out this task. The government is acting as if "all is well" – as if there are no significant side effects and no excess mortality related to the vaccine, despite the fact that these are both clearly evident to us, and they have been reported with evidence worldwide.

Needless to say, information about the many post-vaccine pneumonia patients being admitted to hospitals has not been shared with the public via the media or in any other way. Please bear in mind that the above report is from only one hospital…

Yet despite this lack of transparency, which itself is a serious ethical and criminal act perpetrated against Israeli citizens, who must decide whether or not to receive the vaccine based on false information, we've now learned from reports from various sources, that many adverse events are not being recorded at all and medical staff is ignoring the possible association between new medical conditions and the administration of the vaccine.

For example, a healthy 42-year-old individual, a few months after a normal cardiac check-up, suffered a myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated, a few weeks after vaccination. The medical staff insisted that these conditions were not at all related to the vaccine and a possible connection was not mentioned in the differential diagnosis given upon discharge. While in hospital, the patient asked about a possible connection to the vaccine and was shouted at for no particular reason.

Even worse, another report directly from a clinic where vaccines are being administered, revealed that adverse events, which are being reported to medical staff, are not recorded in any system at all, instead they are “buried.” We have received many similar reports that together paint a troubling picture: The State of Israel has no intention of recording and investigating the real consequences of the Pfizer vaccine, all the while, in formal declarations, it is stated that there aren’t many serious adverse events associated with this vaccine.

And it goes without saying that most victims of this vaccination campaign receive no attention from the health authorities – no follow-up and no assistance. Patients usually undergo a tremendous number of tests to try and find "other possible reasons" for their condition. Yet, when none are found, those who have been injured are left to cope with the consequences of this intervention all by themselves.

All this behavior points to an attempt to manufacture a picture of reality that favors continuing this vaccination campaign while disregarding its downfalls, both from a research and epidemiological perspective, as well as from a humanitarian one. As a result, Israel is ignoring the responsibility it holds towards humankind, now and in the future.

As things currently stand, the denial, concealment, and distortion of the negative consequences of the vaccination campaign are developing into crimes against humanity, which threaten to destroy the basis of science, medicine, and people's trust in health authorities.

With regards to these crimes, while the eyes of the world are focused on Israel, as the "world's lab" in which mass vaccination has taken place, this lab seems to be operating through codes of deception and massive data manipulation. These crimes are being carried out in broad daylight. The "world’s lab" that is supposed to provide "accurate" and "reliable" information about efficacy and safety, is instead, hiding considerable amounts of information, thereby misleading humanity into believing that this vaccine is far safer than it actually is.

I am afraid that until this crime becomes evident and properly exposed, many more people will lose their lives or their health by participating in a vaccination campaign, without the dangers first being presented to them.

We, in IPC, will continue gathering relevant information and sharing it with the public, here in Israel and worldwide. It’s hard for me to assume that our findings, gathered with our limited resources, are so hard for the FDA or Pfizer to discover with their own resources. And this understanding makes the whole situation far more serious.     

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